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Petrol Powered Brushcutters Follow

Congratulations on purchasing your petrol powered brushcutter. We thought it would be useful to create a brief guide, a varied collection of tips and advice on safety, usage, fuel and maintenance, to save you time and help you to use your Petrol Chainsaw with confidence and get the very best out of it.

Assembly: Your new cordless brushcutter will arrive ‘boxed' and there may be a minimal element of assembly.  Read the manual carefully and keep it to hand during assembly.

Preparation: Before you start using your brushcutter

  • Read your manual and keep it to hand until you are familiar with all the functions of your petrol powered brushcutter. 
  • Make sure you get used to the weight of your brushcutter. Try lifting and wielding it without being switched on to get used to it. Give your self plenty of room and make sure you have checked your standing position so the weight is distributed evenly. You manual should give you information on this.C
  • Make sure you know and understand all the controls of your brushcutter. Brushcutters vary in design,   so check your manual very carefully for these details.
  • Check any bolts/nuts/screws are tight before using
  • Your line may feed out automatically as it wears or it may be a 'tap-n-go' 'bump-n'go' type where you tap the head to fee out more line. Make sure you know how to use the feed before you start to save time and effort.

Oil and Fuel: A 2-stroke engine uses a mixture of oil and fuel.  Using the right oil and getting the right oil to fuel ratio in a 2-stroke engine is important. 

This information is usually contained in your manual or owner's handbook. If not and you need further information, you can try contacting the manufacturer.

Our alphabetical brand database contains contact information for virtually all our manufacturers. Just click here for easy access.

  • However, MowDirect recommends two types of oil for 2-stroke engines: Synthetic Oil (red or blue) and Mineral oil: (green)
  • The ratio of oil to fuel MowDirect recommend in general is:  Synthetic Oil: (red or blue) 40:1 Mineral oil: (green) 25:1

Starting: If you are have difficulty starting your brushcutter, it is always useful to remember that A 2-stroke engine needs three things to work - air, fuel and a spark.

If your engine won’t start or there is a problem, it is likely to be one of these, or lack of one of these, that is causing it.

2-stroke engines are very easy to flood so try not to over crank when starting

Maintenance and Storage: Regular inspection is a good way to keep on top of maintenance

  • Make sure you inspect the engine on a regular basis
  • Check all controls like the throttle and clutch as well as the clutch drum to make sure they are working properly and make sure there is no dust gathering that might get into any working parts.
  • Always keep your fuel-cap clean as any dirt in the engine can cause problems
  • Always give your brushcutter a wipe-over before storage and never store the brushcutter with grass left on it. This  is important, particularly if you are using a blade as moisture can corrode the metal. 
  • Make sure you store your brushcutter in a dry place, covered if possible. It may be easier to hang it up, as this will save space and is probably safer.

Servicing: Don’t forget that Annual Servicing is a recommended by the manufacturers and is a requirement if you want to extend the guarantee beyond the first year.

An out of tune engine, for example, can reduce performance.

Health & Safety

  • Make sure you are feeling well and alert before you start any brushcutting
  • Do not operate a brushcutter under the influence of alcohol
  • Your brushcutter may have come with a safety harness. If so, learn how you know how to fit it and use it properly before using your brushcutter. Using it properly will protect your back and offer support, so can work longer and safely.
  • Safety Clothing & Equipment: We always recommend that you wear safety goggles, at the very least, to avoid contact with flying twigs and leaves. In addition, solid, preferably steel-capped, boots would be good. Clothing should not be loose. Also, a helmet is recommended and ear defenders are also very helpful, particularly when working for longer periods. 
  • Make sure you always use the brushcutter with the safety guard on
  • Never try to clear any blockages or put your hands near the working end of the brushcutter with the machine switched n. Always turn it off completely. 
  • Before you start, make sure that the grass where you will be working is clear of obstacles, stones, bottles, children’s toys, large sticks and similar.
  • Make sure there no-one is standing too close to you while you are working.
  • Make sure you keep your blades sharp. Sharp blades will enhance performance and will reduce the instance of jamming so you have your hands near the business end of the Brushcutter fewer times. Sharp blades also reduces the likelihood grass, twigs oand so on, catching flying around. 

Finally, we sincerely hope you enjoy using your petrol powered brushcutter, and that this guide has been useful, but if you have questions or problems not covered in this guide, in fact if you need any advice, don’t hesitate to contact us on technicalsupport@mowdirect.co.uk


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