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Cordless Battery Hedgetrimmers Follow

If you are reading this you have no doubt invested in one or more battery powered garden tools including your cordless hedgetrimmer and, in the process, you have also invested in the future. Congratulations. You are now in possession of groundbreaking technology that will make working in your garden easier cleaner, less hassle, with advanced, lighter, more powerful battery tools than ever before. 

We are keen that you get the very best performance from your battery powered hedgetrimmer from the very first time you ‘charge-up and go’. Subsequently, we hope the following guidelines and advice will help. They are based on our extensive experience, with reference to the sorts of questions new cordless hedgetrimmer users regularly ask us.

As a preliminary tip, do read your manuals and instruction sheets thoroughly before you start and keep them to hand while you get used to your machine. They will offer you advice you may well need. 

Assembly: Your new battery powered hedgetrimmer will arrive ‘boxed' and there may be a minimal element of assembly. 

Preparation: Before you use your hedgetrimmer for the first time 

  • Make sure you get used to the weight of your trimmer. Put the battery in and try lifting and wielding it without being switched on to get used to it. 
  • Check all your bolts/nuts/screws are tight before using
  • Check battery contacts and fit

Starting: If you are have difficulty starting your hedgetrimmer, it is always advisable to check the following.

  • Make sure your battery or batteries are correctly charged as per the instructions in the manual.
  • Check the battery or batteries to see if they are fitted properly and securely in place.

Storage: Storing your mower in the right place is important but there are extra considerations when storing a battery powered model

  • Make sure you store your cordless hedgetrimmer in a dry place, covered if possible. Always give it a wipe-over before storage and never store the trimmer with grass or mud left on it.
  • Never leave or attempt to store them them in a humid environment.
  • Before storing your cordless hedgetrimmer away for a long time, make sure the battery is partially charged, perhaps somewhere between 30 and 70% depending on the time it is  being stored. Storing on a full charge can reduce the battery life and storing on no charge can make re-charging later potentially difficult.
  • Try to make sure you store your battery at a reasonable temperature, not in any extremes of hot and cold as this can also affect the charging cycles and battery life, make sure you don’t store it near or on boilers or radiators and avoid leaving it in a hot car or by a window in the sun.
  • Try to ensure that battery is not stored in such a way that metal can touch the contacts as this can damage them and is, potentially, dangerous. 

Performance And Usage tips Your cordless hedgetrimmer should be fairly easy to use, but it is worth remembering a couple of things…

  • If you have a motor cut out or stutter, check your battery contacts to see they are clean and the battery is fitted properly. 
  • You should trim or cut the sides (the vertical) of a hedge first. use a sweeping action both up and down mowing forward along the hedge as you go.
  • For the top of the hedge, try to keep the blades at an angle of around 10° (degrees) against the horizontal plane and this time use a horizontal sweeping motion to cut.

Maintenance: Cordless battery hedgetrimmers should require very little maintenance, however, here are a few useful tips to keep them working well year in year out.

  • Make sure you clean the blades after each use so no sap or other substance can clog up or damage them
  • After every use, check that no pieces of foliage, twigs or other detritus have got into the mechanism
  • Give the Hedgetrimmer a good wipe after every use to avoid moisture-causing damage.
  • Always keep your blades well lubricated. Lubricate them after each use with WD 40 or similar with the machine safely switched off and before each use as well. If you can.
  • Store your Hedgetrimmer in a clean, dry place between uses

 Health & Safety:

  • It is advisable to wear safety goggles when using your Hedgetrimmers to avoid potential injury from flying twigs or fronds.
  • A pair of sturdy work boots and good, strong gardening gloves is also highly advisable.
  • Battery powered hedgetrimmers are relatively quiet but you may still wish to wear ear defenders. 
  • Keep any other persons a good distance away while you are operating the Hedgetrimmer
  • Make sure you keep your hands clear of the trimmer during operation and always use the hand guard where fitted.
  • Always keep both hands on the handles during use. 
  • Make sure the machine is switched off the blades have stopped and the engine is reasonably cool, before attempting to remove any stuck foliage
  • Never overreach or stretch too far when using hedge trimmers. If you become off balance you may put yourself, and/or other people, in serious danger  

Servicing: Don’t forget that Annual Servicing is usually recommended by the manufacturers and is a requirement if you want to extend the guarantee beyond the first year.

Finally, thank you very much for your custom. We hope you enjoy using your cordless battery hedgetrimmer. If you have questions or issues not covered by this guide, please contact us at technicalsupport@mowdirect.co.uk  

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