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Electric Snow Blowers Follow

Congratulations on your purchase of an electric snow blower. You are probably looking forward to plugging in, switching on and clearing your paths and driveways.

 To be honest, even if the snow has not fallen as yet and you are merely storing it away for further use, we are very keen that you get the best possible use out of your item when you do use it and we thought we would send you some simple tips and advice on using and maintaining your Snow Blower to make sure you are prepared. 

Tip For Use

  • Try to blow snow in the same direction that the wind is blowing, that way you won’t get snow blown back at you
  • Try to make sure you have worked out where you will blow the snow. Apart from causing problems for others you should avoid creating huge piles in one place that are not safe
  • It’s good to have some kind of plan. If you know in advance where the snow is going you will work faster and reduce the possibility of blowing snow where you just cleared
  • Give your Snow Blower a really good wipe down when you have finished. This will avoid puddles and means there will be less chance of rust.
  • With the Snow Blower safely switched off and unplugged, clean snow out from the auger. Use safe cleaning tools not hands or feet. (See health & safety guidelines below)


  • Contacts: Keep them clean and free from corrosion and your blow will last longer
  • Cables: try to avoid cables getting tangled as they can become damaged. 
  • Cleaning Do clean your blower after use to avoid any chance of moisture doing any damage to the motor 
  • Servicing: Although electric snow blowers need remarkably little maintenance, don’t forget that Annual Servicing is a recommended by the manufacturers and is a requirement if you want to extend the guarantee beyond the first year. Make sure you speak to your dealer about this.

 Health & Safety

  • Do make sure your garden, drive, patio, yard etc is clear of any large obstacles if possible.
  • Don’t forget that physical exertion in freezing temperatures can be dangerous. Be sure you take regular breaks and if you have any on-going conditions such as heart disease, blood pressure issues or diabetes you should consult a medical professional before using your machine.
  • Remember your blower could pick up stones and gravel or other detritus so never aim your chute at people, animals, or property.
  • Never try to clear blockages in your Snow Blower with your hands (or feet)! Always make sure the machine is switched off and use a plastic cleaning tool (there may be one provided with your model) or a wooden tool or broom handle. Never use a metal object.
  • Make sure you wrap up warmly, keep drinking non-alcoholic fluids and keep your limbs moving.
  • We recommend that you wear ear defenders, preferably warm ones, gloves and even a safety helmet if you have one.

Finally, we hope you enjoy using your electric Snow Blower and if you have problems not covered by this guide, please don’t hesitate to contact us on technicalsupport@mowdirect.co.uk


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