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Automatic Robot Lawn Mowers Follow

Congratulations on your choice of an Automatic Robot Lawn Mower. You are about to reap the benefits of  effortless and smart lawn mowing.  

We want you to get the very best performance possible from your robot lawn mower from the first time you set it up. So we have compiled a few guidelines and some advice, based on our wide-ranging experience, with reference to the various kinds of questions we are asked regularly by Robot Mower purchasers.

Generally speaking, a robot mower is a low maintenance machine that should get on with its work without much fuss. However, we want you get more than just great mowing from your new machine, we want you to feel confident and satisfied at every stage of your experience.

Preparation: Because you are setting up a robot to do a regular chore, not going out there yourself each week, or fortnight, some groundwork needs to be done so your automatic mower can look after your lawn. 

  • Take some time to read the set up instructions carefully first and then prepare the area to be maintained. Also take some time to make a full assessment of what is going to be required to get the effect you want.
  • Lay out the cabling prior to making the final installation and then perform the installation in good conditions, so time and care can be taken, if everything is done correctly at this stage the Robot will provide trouble free mowing with very little intervention required.
  • Installation will include finding a good spot for the The 'base' a charging station, sometimes with built in shelter, where the robot mower will stay and re-charge when not cutting. This will need to be plugged into an external electricity source so think about that in advance, no good choosing a spot without access to power. 
  • Monitor the robot’s performance over the first couple of weeks and make any required tweaks to the cutting time and heights to get the effect you require.

Grass and Mud: Wet and rotting grass causes metal components to rust and grass and dirt in or around the blades can cause all sorts of problems. Make sure you clean the cutting deck regularly and thoroughly.

Servicing: Remember that Annual Servicing is usually recommended by the manufacturers and is a requirement if you want to extend the guarantee beyond the first year.

Oh and, most importantly - don’t forget to give your robot mower a suitable name! The Automatic Robot Mower can be a bit of a mouthful and your robot mower will probably become one of the family before you know it.

Thanks for your custom. Hopefully these tips and guidelines will help you enjoy your new mower and get trouble free and satisfactory lawn maintenance from it. However, if you do have any issues not covered by this letter, please contact us on customercare@mowdirect.co.uk


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