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Electric Hedgetrimmers Follow

We hope that the following collection of tips and advice on maintenance safety and useage will save you time and enable you to use your electric hedgetrimmerr with total confidence.

 Preparation: Before you use your Hedgetrimmer for the first time…

  • Make sure you get used to the weight of your trimmer. Try lifting and wielding it without it being switched on to get used to the weight and balance. 
  • Check all your bolts/nuts/screws are tight before using

 Performance And Usage tips Your Hedgetrimmer should be fairly easy to use, but it is worth remembering a couple of things… 

  • If you have a motor cut out or stutter, check your plug and socket to see if the cable is secure. Make sure it has not come loose, or been yanked out, or become tangled and caught on foliage.
  • You should trim or cut the sides (the vertical) of a hedge first. use a sweeping action both up and down mowing forward along the hedge as you go.
  • For the top of the hedge, try to keep the blades at an angle of around 10° (degrees) against the horizontal plane and this time use a horizontal sweeping motion to cut.

Maintenance: Electric Hedgetrimmers should require very little maintenance, however, here are a few useful tips to keep them working well year in year out.

  • Make sure you clean the blades after each use so no sap or other substance can clog up or damage them
  • After every use, check that no pieces of foliage, twigs or other detritus have got into the mechanism
  • Give the Hedgetrimmer a good wipe after every use to avoid moisture-causing damage.
  • Always keep your blades well lubricated. Lubricate them after each use with WD 40 or similar with the machine safely switched off and before each use as well. If you can.
  • Store your Hedgetrimmer in a clean, dry place between uses

Servicing: Don’t forget that Annual Servicing is a recommended by the manufacturers and is a requirement if you want to extend the guarantee beyond the first year.

Health & Safety: 

  • It is advisable to wear safety goggles when using your Hedgetrimmers to avoid potential injury from flying twigs or fronds. A pair of sturdy work boots and good, strong gardening gloves is also highly advisable.
  • Keep any other persons a good distance away while you are operating the Hedgetrimmer
  • Make sure you keep your hands clear of the trimmer during operation and always use the hand guard where fitted.
  • Cable management. This is very important. It seems obvious but you would be surprised at how many people still cut their cable by mistake.

 We hope you enjoy using your Electric Hedgetrimmer and if you have questions or issues not covered by this guide, don’t hesitate to contact us on technicalsupport@mowdirect.co.uk











Sally (Technical Co-Coordinator)


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