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Rise of the robots - why buy an automatic robot lawn mower? Follow


Robomow RX12U

Yes the robots are on the march, but they are not coming to get us, they're just coming to mow our lawns.

The increase in the sales of robot mowers is not to be ignored and recent advances in the development of both lithium-Ion batteries and robot technology are certainly partially responsible for this. 

Automatic robot lawn mowers are easy to use and a great way to ensure your lawn is mowed regularly and efficiently without effort. This means you have more time to yourself to be creative, do DIY or spend time with your family. They can work when you are around, or even when you are not at home, keeping your lawn tidy 24.7. 

Robot lawnmowers need a small amount of setting up. You will have to set a perimeter with a wire that acts as a kind of border to the areas to be cut, then set up a mowing schedule according to your needs and wants. 


Programming the Al-Ko Robolinho 4000 Robotic Lawn Mower

The 'base' for the robot will be a charging station, sometimes sheltered, where the robot will rest and charge when not cutting. This will need to be plugged into an external electricity source. After this is done they will pretty much look after themselves, cutting according to the pre-arranged program and returning to the charger when needed. 


Robomow RC308 PRO-X Automatic Robotic Lawn Mower charging

Robot mowers cut small amounts of grass regularly, which is very good for your lawn and will keep it looking smart as it will never get a chance to become unkempt.

Using a robotic mower is also generally good for your lawn's health. Robot mowers do not usually collect grass clippings, so those small cuttings of grass fall back into the lawn, acting as mulch, breaking down and helping to feed more nutrients into the lawn so it is more luxuriant, green and healthy looking.  

Robotic lawnmowers are generally very quiet and, being powered by long running, fast charging, Lithium-Ion batteries, are reasonably environmentally sound, emitting no fumes and requiring no petrol. 

They are safe to use as well. They will stop, and stop cutting, if they hit an obstacle and will go off in another direction. The blades will also stop cutting if the mower is lifted or tilted. 



Robowmow RX12U Deck

Cutting widths on MowDirect's robot mowing machines run from a modest 26ins (66 cms) all the way up to fast cutting 56ins (142 cms). 

Prices range from around £499.00 for the most compact mowers up to £3000 for top-of-the-range models, with double-blades and advanced communication systems (you can control them remotely from just about anywhere). 

You can see MowDirect's full range here.

If you have any queries about robotic lawnmowers, remote controlled lawnmowers, or anything else not covered on our website, please call us on 020 3697 9432 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri & 9am-4pm Sat) and one of our friendly and knowledgable product advisers will be happy to help.

"Very helpful sales staff, discussed what product would suit me best in great detail.                Product itself perfect for what I wanted..." KAREN




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