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Care For Your Li-Ion – How To Get The Best From Your Batteries Follow



Redback 6aH Li-Ion Battery

Modern batteries are part of an amazing power revolution. They have given users the opportunity to free themselves of cables and avoid fumes and noise by providing quiet, smooth power with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency.

 But, just like any machines, batteries need looking after and there are some easy things you can do to keep your batteries going for the longest time at maximum efficiency.

  1. First of all, try to keep your batteries at room temperature, around the 20°C mark. Extremes of heat particularly can rapidly age your Li-Ion batteries and stop them being effective. This means making sure you don’t store them near hot radiators, boilers and airing cupboards and not leaving them in a hot car or by a window. Similarly do not keep or store them in freezing conditions as, again, very cold temperatures can damage lithium-ion batteries. 
  2. Do not store your batteries in a humid environment as condensation could damage them. 
  3. Try not to run your battery to its absolute discharge before you charge again. A lithium-ion battery will operate best if it is partially discharged and re-charged regularly rather than waiting until the battery runs out. In fact, try not to completely discharge lithium-ion batteries at all as they can be hard to start it up again with a regular charger.
  4. Lithium-ion batteries can be stored and re-used without discharge, but for best results when you store your batteries, for long periods, perhaps over the winter, try to make sure they are stored charged at around 40% as this will ensure maximum power return. Don’t charge them for long periods when empty or fully charged.
  5. For safety, when storing, try to make sure the batteries do not make contact with metal - a metal shelf for example - as batteries can seriously over heat if the terminals rest on metal. 

Just keeping to these simple rules can add life to your batteries and save you time and money.

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