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Alk-Ko - German Engineering Meets Austrian Manufacturing Follow


As the strap-line under Al-Ko's well known logo illustrates, with typical confidence, Al-Ko is a brand committed to creating long-lasting, quality products for both domestic and professional purposes.

This statement is backed by its indisputable claim to creating goods engineered in Germany and made in Austria, Germany engineering having been a benchmark of quality for a very long time. 

The company was originally founded in 1931 by Alois Kober (hence the name Al-KO) who created a forge in Großkötz in Bavaria. This was the simple and modest start of the company which went on to create many technical and mechanical products over the years, eventually producing its first lawnmower in 1966. 

The Al-KO Founder - Alois Kober

The company is still family run, after all this time, and proud of its heritage, consistency ann innovation in a busy market. 

The range of products now created by Al-Ko and the Al-Kp Group is wide, the gardening section producing performance tractors, lawn mowers, hedgetrimmers blower-vacs, logsplitters, scarifiers, shredders, chainsaws and now, like so many companies, a new range of lithium-ion powered, cordless lawn mowers. including the attractive and powerful AL-KO 42.5LI Moweo Cordless Lawnmower

Cordless power -AL-KO 42.5LI Moweo 

Attractive and contemporary design and reliable build quality are watchwords for Al-Ko and their machines have won a number of awards, the Al-Ko 520BR Premium 4-in-1 Petrol Power Driven Lawnmower  for example being not only a which best buy, but also a BBC Gardeners World Best Buy with an impressive score of 19 out of 20!  


Award Winner - Al-Ko 520BR Premium 4-in-1 Lawn Mower 

 Al-Ko is an important brand to MowDirect and we have a large range at very reasonable and competitive prices/

In fact Al-Ko is so confident in the build, engineering and design of its products that it offers extended 5-year warranties on all its steel and aluminium lawn mowers, all its tractors, riders and out front mowers and all its petrol cultivators and wheeled vacs. 

So find out more about Al-Ko's gardening collection and check out the whole range here.

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