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Redback - The Future Of Hassle Free Gardening Follow

No-one who is remotely interested in gardening, power tools or home appliances can have helped but notice the growing presence of battery powered tools in our homes, offices, workshops and gardens. 

Redback 40v Cordless Mower

Redback are the latest development in a long line of cordless powered tools that offer more power, longer operating times and shorter charging times using advanced battery technology. These tools are now, in some circumstances, even matching the power of petrol - but considerably quieter, with no emissions and a huge decrease in weight. 

MowDirect have been at the forefront of promoting the benefits, online, of cordless technology in the garden and these Redback Cordless Gardening tools were developed by MowDirect in collaboration with a forward thinking manufacturer using the latest very high qualiuty lithium-ion batteries.

This means they are available exclusively at MowDirect and that we can offer very good, direct from factory, prices on all tools, batteries and chargers.

The Redback range of cordless gardening tools consists of...

  • A Leaf Blower
  • A Chainsaw
  • A Hedgetrimmer
  • A Lawnmower
  • A Long Reach Tree Trimmer
  • A Grass-Trimmer

... all of which are powered by the same battery, so you can swap on the go and carry out your gardening tasks with ease knowing you won't be smelling petrol fumes or becoming tangled up with electric cables. 

Even professional gardeners are starting to think about cordless tools when it comes to smaller or urban gardens and MowDirect recently conducted a trial of the Redback blower. This is what Bruno, professional gardener and tester, had to say about the machine...

"In terms of weight, even the most fragile of gardeners would have had no problem with this machine."

"...this machine is no slouch. A fully charged battery will afford at least 30 minutes blowing on full gusto, and if your garden is so large that 30 minutes is not enough, then the battery will recharge in no more than an hour - time enough for you to bag up what you’ve cleared, have a cuppa, and carry on."

"Just one small snag: I’ve borrowed MowDirect’s demo model since the demo and sooner or later, I’m going to have to hand it back"

You can read his blog in full here

or watch our short demo film here...

Either way, at some stage everyone will be thinking hard about cordless power, it's cheaper, lighter and no becoming as powerful as petrol so why not check out our exclusive range here  and see what the future has to offer.

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